Introducing dailyfashiom

Who?My name is Marina and I’m a 17 year old student from Madrid.

Why?I do this as a challenge. I always start new projects and never finish them, but I hope writing about things that inspire me will keep me motivated to keep on working on this one. At the moment I have no idea of where my life is going, which is really bad considering the fact that in less than half a year I will be chosing what I want to study at university, something that will completely define my life. There’s a great chance that I will study something I don’t really like, so having something to work in which I enjoy will be a lifesaver.

What?This blog will cover everything related to fashion, makeup and hair, and random things that inspire me. I will try to post daily (as you might have figured from the name) to make sure that there is always something interesting to read in here.

Where? I am lucky enough to live in Madrid, I love my city! Wandering around here is always inspiring, as there’s all kinds of people and there’s always something interesting going on.

When? I guess you could say I have chosen the worst time possible to start this blog: just before starting exams on the hardest year of my education, but I guess that just adds to the challenge and makes it more exciting!